Holige or Holagi

Holagi (yes the Dharwad kannada version of Holige) is a sweet dish and considered a delicacy and is made on festivals and special occasions. It is called Puran Poli, obattu, Poli etc.


Chana daal (2 cups), jaggery (1.5 cup), cardamom powder, maida flour (1 cup), Rice flour to roll the holagis, pinch of salt, cooking oil.


To make the Hurna (filling)

  1.  Boil water and put washed chana in it.
  2. Continue to boil until the daal is soft and water is thick.
  3. Filter the water and keep aside (this water is called “Kat” and is used to make “Kattin Saar”).
  4. For each cup of chana daal, put 3/4 cup of jaggery. So here put 1.5 cups of jaggery.
  5. Boil the cooked daal and jaggery until it becomes a little thicker (hurna consistancy for those who know it 😉 and for those who don’t, it should be a paste).
  6. Put in a food processor, add cardamom powder and grind to fine paste.

To make the Holagi:

  1. Take the maida flour (2 cups of chana needs 1 cup of maida)
  2. Add some salt (0.25 tea spoon), cooking oil (1 tablespoon) and knead for a long time. The more you knead, the better the dough. Keep aside for about an hour or two.
  3. Make small balls and roll the dough in a circle.
  4. Fill the hurna, wrap the circle and seal the ends together.
  5. Roll the sealed ball using rice flour so that it won’t stick to the rolling pin or the platform. You could also roll using oil but we usually use rice flour as it is easier and less messy.
  6. Put this on a hot tava and cook it on both sides with oil.
  7. Serve with hot ghee on top.


  1. You can use brown sugar found in most grocery stores instead of jaggery. It is easier and tastes the same. 
  2. There should not be any channa grains when you make the hurna (stuffing). The grains make the holagi tear when you are rolling.

Served With:

Yenagai, kosambri, Mango Shrikarni. Actually Ambras-Poli is a Maharashtrian influence and accompanies holige in our area. 


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