Masale Khara

Masale Khara is used in a lot of vegetables(palle), lentils (kaal) and also to make the world famous kharbyaali or saar (curry). This can stay for atleast a year in the refrigerator. Typically in India, we can get the ingredients ready and then get those ground in the mill (girani). However outside India, we will need to resort to the good old mixer/blender! Worth the effort – in my opinion.

 Ingredients                                                                                             Quantities

i.                     Dries Byadagi Red Chillies  –  (Tumbu Tegada) or         500 gms

            Red chilli powder

ii.                   Onions ( cut longitudinally)                                                                           650 gms

iii.                  Garlic   (peeled)                                                               250 gms                               

iv.                 Ginger  (cut into small pieces)                                           100 gms

v.                   Coriander Seeds/ powder                                                500 gms       

vi.                 Cumin seeds / powder                                                     150 gms

vii.                Cinnamon sticks/powder                                                     50 gms      

viii.              Cloves                                                                                50 gms      

ix.                 Dried Coconut (Khopra)- long cut pieces                         100 gms      

x.                   White Til                                                                            50 gms

xi.                 Pepper                                                                               50 gma                              

xii.                Shajeera                                                                             25 gms                  

xiii.              Poppy Seeds                                                                      25 gms      

xiv.              Kalla whovu (flower)                                                        10 gms                  

xv.               Patri Leaves                                                                       15 gms      

xvi.              Salt and                                                                            100 gms      

xvii.            Sun Flower Oil                                                      500 ml

xviii.           Curry leaves    


  • Heat 250 ml oil in a kadai
  • Fry the coconut pieces till brown.  Transfer to a separate container.
  • Fry coriander seeds or powder till brown and transfer to the above container.
  • Roast cumin seeds/powder till brownish and transfer. To a separate container.
  • Fry cinnamon, shjeera, pepper, while til, cloves, cinnamon, kallwhovu, patri leaves one by one till brownish. And transfer (mixture I)
  • Heat remaining  oil. Add cut onion and roast till brown, add garlic and ginger and roast for a while, then add curry leaves and heat for a while. Remove the misture in a separate container.(mixture II)
  • In the left over oil, heat red chilli powder / red chillies till brown.
  • Grind mixture I and Mixture II separely and then mix it together and grind again. Mix it with the roasted chilli powder, add salt and mix the entire mixture thoroughly well to get the masala khara.

Tips and Tricks: 

  • In order to preserve for long, the onon pieces should be dried in hot sun, till crisp and then fried in oil till brown.and then ground and mixed with the other ingredients

Typically used for or served with:

  • Saar, Kharbyaali, kaal, palle (curries, lentils, vegetables) etc.
  • You could even have it with chapatis/rotti (rolled with some ghee/oil and khara)
  • You can add masala khara to plain daal, add fresh chopped onions and some ghee to make an instant entre to eat with chapatis/rotti.

18 Responses

  1. since my long search for this masale hindi, at last i found it thank u so much for this receipe. one of my friend from belgaum used to make this excellent preparation. one small variation is she dont use curry leaves, she uses lots of coriander leaves. i think so. since this 10 year old memory. thank u so much

  2. Hi Harsha,

    This is a great and easy recipe for kari khara which i have been searching for a long time, thanx. Its also great to know that north karnatak food has made its own elite place in the hearts of people in bangalore!!! This blog is going to be my hangout for cooking recipes, thanx to you, I am grateful that i can make authentic north karnataka food like my mom did after a very long time!!!!!

  3. thanks alot harsha.I must admire for your passion for food especially our traditional food.u have made our region popular n proud.Keep it up.

  4. hi Harsha…….
    thanq u so much for the wonderful recipe
    i was searching it from lond time
    atlast i got itt…
    thanq u so much

  5. Thanka Harsha for this recipe My husband is from bijapur and I from Bangalore I wanted to know the recipe . I have a dont do you dry garlic as well or just use it as it is?

  6. Thanks Harsha for this recipe My husband is from bijapur and I from Bangalore I wanted to know the recipe . I have a dont do you dry garlic as well or just use it as it is?

  7. its very good

  8. Can I please know the English and Hindi translation for patri leaves?

  9. I love this blog…even though I am from malenaadu I just love North Karnataka food. I didnt know a bit about preparation of these foods. Thank you so much for the recipes. I have tried few of them and they all are really good. I have even tried Masale khara. I want to prepare it again.
    Thank u and keep posting some more recipes.

  10. can u tell what kalla whovu means in english or marathi.

  11. can i know the meaning of kalla whovu and patri leaf

  12. Thank you very much Harsha.

  13. i just subscribed to your blog. i am very impressed ,thank you very much..
    But I see ,last recipe is sometime in 2011. Is it the latest or have I missed something more??
    Wish you all the best.

  14. Thank u for the recipe. I am from North Karnataka and my husband is from Mysore. Till now I have not really tried much of North Karnataka cuisines as I prepare mostly what my mother in law prepares. But now I want to try North Karnataka dishes and I think ur blog is a great place to start. Can u pls provide picture for above khara? Also u said that onions have to be sun dried. Since I am in US, I can’t do that. Can I make the khara with normal onions?

  15. thanks for awesome recipe. One doubt . Fry means we have to deep fry the ingredients or shallow fry. Please let me know . I cant not wait to do this one for my hubby .

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