Rawa Laddu

This is a laddu made of rawa (semolina) and I have eaten a lot of varieties. I must say my mom’s really are softest and tastiest – well who doesn’t like their mom’s cooking?! 🙂 Here goes the recipe:


 3 cups small or fine(Bombay) rawa, 2 cups sugar, 1 cup grated fresh coconut, ½ cup ghee, 1 tea spoon cardamom powder, raisins.


  • Roast rawa in ghee in a kadai.
  • Take sugar in a separate vessel, add little water just to cover the sugar and boil to make syrup ( 1 string) – formation of small bubbles indicates that the syrup is ready.
  • Add grated coconut and boil for 2-3 minutes till once again small bubbles form on the surface of the syrup.
  • Switch off the gas and add roasted rawa, cardamom powder and raisins to the syrup
  • Keep the vessel closed till the mixture gets soft and solidified.
  • Prepare laddus by fixing one dry raisin on each one. 

 Tips and tricks:

  • The one string consistency is when the syrup is at the point where you take a drop of the syrup between your thumb and pointer fingers – the syrup forms just one string (instead of two or more or no strings).

One Response

  1. hey harsha.. my mom makes it exactly like this one and it’s the best I think too..

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