Shenga Undi

Shenga Undi is basically laddus made of peanuts. This used to be one of the five laddus that my mom made during Nagara Panchami. Laddus, new dresses, bangles and swings – that is what we had during Naga Panchami. We used to bathe a mud and silver Nagappa with milk and eat the yummy snacks and play swings.


Roasted peanuts 500 g , brown sugar 300 g , ghee 1 tablespoon, water 


  • Preparation of the brown sugar syrup – Heat brown sugar by adding 1 cup water and 1 spoon of ghee to prepare a syrup ( 2 string consistency – the syrup when stretched between the thumb and the forefinger should give only two strings).
  • Powder the peanuts to a coarse consistency and mix well with the hot syrup.
  • Prepare laddus while the mixture is hot by applying little ghee and cold water to the palms.

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