Shevin Undi

Shevin undi or dani undi is laddu made out of bhujia – thin or thick shev. This is one of my favourite undis.


Plain thin shev made out of gram(besan) flour 500 g, brown sugar or jaggery 400 g, 1 tablespoon ghee, water


  • Preparation of the brown sugar syrup – Heat brown sugar by adding 1 cup water and 1 spoon of ghee to prepare a syrup (2 string consistency – the syrup when stretched between the thumb and the forefinger should give only two strings).
  • Break shev into small pieces with hands  and mix well with the hot syrup.
  • Prepare laddus while the mixture is hot by applying little ghee and cold water to the palms.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The plain thin shev is readily available in Indian market. It can be prepared from besan flour by adding little oil and water to it and making hard dough, which can be processed in the shev maker(Anjali kitchen express) to get thin shev that should then be  fried in hot oil.

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  2. nanag shevin undi recipe odi nav panchami olag undi tind jokali adidda nenap bantu. thanks a lot for such a nice recipe.

  3. Your idea of using market bought brilliant

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