Khar Byali

Kharbyali is toordal curry that is a major specialty of Lingayat food! And my favorite way to eat it is with dry rotti (a day old), some fresh vegetables like cucumber, onion and “gida” – a stem of fresh coriander (cilantro). If I have hesar kaal and jhunkad vadi on the side, I call it heaven. The part about posting around noon is that you start craving to eat exactly that and realize you have to work and so can’t do it. BTW, when we were kids, we lovingly called this Appajin Saar (daddy’s saar).


Turdal 2 cups, 1 onion, 1 garlic, 2 tomatoes, tamarind paste, brown sugar (jaggery), masale khara, salt,coriander leaves, curry leaves, mustard, cumin seeds, hing (asafotida) and  water.


  • Cook turdal in pressure cooker for 7 min after attaining maximum pressure.
  • Chop onions, tomatoes, peeled garlic in to small pieces.
  • Also finely chop coriander leaves (cilantro).
  • Heat oil in a vessel. Add cumin and mustard seeds and wait for them to crackle.
  • Later add a pinch of asafoetida, crushed garlic and curry leaves.
  • When the garlic turns golden brown, add onion and cook till it is golden brown.
  • Add chopped tomato, wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Now, add 1 cup of tamarind water, 1 spoon brown sugar (jaggery), 1 table spoon masale khara (masale chilli powder) and salt to taste.
  • Allow to boil for 2-3 minutes.
  • Transfer the cooked dal into this and boil for 5 to 10  minutes.
  • Put finely chopped coriander and stop heating.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can use tamarind paste to make tamarind water.
  • You can use brown sugar instead of jaggery.

Typically Served With:

Khar byali can be eaten with rice. It also goes well with Jawar (Sorghum) rotti.

4 Responses

  1. Hi Harsha,

    Namm ur Bijapur ri. Nanag bhaal khushi agakattada neev namm oor dishes ill haakiri anta.Khare andra yaru tamm oor nenasangilla especially namm oor mandi.I am really proud of you that you presented the best dishes of our place….Please pass this on to the future generation…

  2. hi, sir
    I am chandru kulkarni firstly am greaeful to u i love kharabyali rotti very much whn i was in bagalakot everyday used to go to khanavali enjoyed 4 to 5 years khanavali meals by seeing ur recipe in net am delighted i myself prepared n served to fmly members we all enjoyed n expect lot of north karnataka recipe
    thnk u

  3. namaskara harsha avara,
    nim recipes bhal cholo ava. nim kade ‘paldya/palde’ recipe ada enu? adu soppu haki, matha eno hittu haki maadtara anastada. swalpa majgi huli thara irtada. Please nimaga gottidra post maadri 🙂


  4. sharanri yappa,yavagin kalakko bidardag iddaga khara byali, bakkri tindidvi, nan dost veenala nenapu barak hataiti. aa hen maga ella idro chand ittirali aa dyavru. mattome sharanri

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