Kotambari Vadi (Fresh Coriander Vadi)

Kotambari Vadi  (Fresh Coriander Vadi) is made of fresh cilantro and besan flour.


2 cups of clean, chopped fresh coriander leaves, 1 cup gram flour, ¼ cup rice flour, 1  tablespoon white til (sesame seeds0, 2 tablespoons ground green chilli + garlic paste, salt to taste, ½ spoon turmeric powder, ½ spoon  cumin powder, ½ spoon baking soda and water.


  • Mix  all the ingredients listed above in the ingredients section in a bowl to get batter like that of  idli consistency  (neither solid dough nor liquid watery one) . It is similar to cake dough – for those who don’t know idli dough :-).
  • Take a steel vessel (flat bottomed) like a cooker vessel, apply 1 teaspoon oil to the bottom and transfer the batter into this vessel.
  • Steam it in pressure cooker for 7 – 10 minutes without putting pressure weight.
  • Take the solid batter formed out and keep aside to cool.
  • Cut into square pieces with knife.
  • These pieces can be shallow fried on a pan or deep fried in a kadai putting enough oil. 

Tips and Tricks: 

  • You can store the steamed vadis in the refrigerator and shallow fry or deep fry as needed.

Typically Served With:

Serve after cooling, with or without  Maggi tomato ketchup, tomato ketchup, sauce or coconut chutney.


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