Peanut chutney (Shenga Hindi)

Shenga chutney is something that goes well with any meal and can be stored for a long time. So on days when you don’t want to cook a variety, having this ready adds variety to any meal. Ofcourse not to mention the protein that one gets via the peanuts!


200 g Rosted peanuts, 4 medium size garlic bulbs, a few curry leaves, 1teaspoon cumin powder, 2 table spoons red chilli powder, 1 table spoon salt, 1 tea spoon sugar.


  • Clean and peel garlic cloves.
  • Mix all the ingredients and pound in the pounding device to obtain a sticky peanut chutney. You could also grind in the grinder which gives powdery form of chutney. In order to get slightly sticky form grind the mixture at low speed for short time of few seconds several times.

 Tips and Tricks:

  • For those of you in the US, you can get the salted roasted peanuts (planters) and use it to make peanut chutney in a grinder. It is extremely effective and easy :).

Typically Served With:

This chutney tasts good with chapattis, rotti, katak rotti, sajji rotti etc


9 Responses

  1. Just now made shenga hindi, tasted good with jolada rotti. thanks for sharing.

    • how is that you know how to make jolad rottis (which is acually tough to make) and are not aware of hindi’s recipie. Just curious!!

      Hi Vishaal

      I do have hindi recipes too..


  2. […] Shenga Hindi – Dry Peanut ‘Chutney’ […]

  3. Planters peanuts has MSG which is not good for health. Good recipes, but I think you need to exercise caution in the products you recommend.

    • Good Point! I think it is best to use raw peanuts..ofcourse peanuts have cholestrol in it too! 🙂

      • Thats for the recipe Harsha! Tastes great! 🙂

        BTW, just noticed you comment. Peanuts DO NOT have cholesterol! Only animal products will have colesterol. Peanuts are high in fat liek as any other nuts. But those are ‘good fats’ and high protein, which is good!

  4. I tried it with Planters… it tastes too good!! Next time I will try with raw peanuts… 😉

    also please send me jolad rotti recipe too…

  5. Thanks Harsha.. Very good tasty recipe..

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