Red Chili Chutney (Ranjaka)

Well any native of Dharwad or Bijapur knows Ranjaka! Or the famous, aradidda khara. This is another recipe for folks who love spicy spicy food! This can be kept for 1 week at room temperature or 1 month in refrigerator.


Fresh red chillies 200 grams, Garlic bulbs three (India size), Cumin seeds 20 grams, Fresh coriander chopped 50 grams, Tamarind paste 2 table spoons, Salt, Brown sugar (jaggery) to taste and Oil.


  • The fresh and cleaned chillies 200 grams are roasted on a low fire in a small quantity of oil for about 5 – 8 minutes.
  • To this all other ingredients are added and ground to a fine paste in grinder/wet grinder.
  • The paste thus obtained is transferred to a bowl and seasoned with 4 table spoons hot oil with asafetida and mustard seeds.

Typically Served With:

This hot and tasty preparation goes well  with rotti, chapatti for hot and spicy good lovers!!


14 Responses

  1. hi harsha..
    just happened to see u’r blog.great recipes.Thanks

  2. This is something my fav and was searching for a long time


  3. hi harsha
    ur recipe of ranjaka looks mouth watering.since u r from karnataka i would like to ask whether u know of a recipe of chillies which are preserved and made with curd and jeera powder.its dry and u have to fru to eat them.recently my mom got a packet of such chillies from bengaluru and they are simply delicious.can u giv me the recipe i u know.thanks

    Hi Joanna,
    I will get you the recipe from my parents – I know which one you are referring to here :).
    Stay tuned.

  4. Hi Harsha,

    Thanks for posting Uttara Karnataka recipes,on the blog. Can we use dry red chillies instead of fresh ones for preparing Ranjaka?
    Hi Lavanya,
    Yes you can use dry red chillies. Use garlic and oil to make it like a paste. Enjoy!

  5. I Like your veg food but i want to know about non veg food also. Can you please send the recipes.

    Hi Netra,

    My mom does not cook non veg food – so we don’t have those recipes :).


  6. hey, gud to see this ranjaka recipe.. u have a huge collection of north karnataka recipes.. im from hubli basically, but never tried many of the karnataka recipes, since im away from family.. i can follow ur recipes now.. can u pls post kharik paysa recipe?

  7. Nice recipe. Brahmins make it using lemon juice, hing and methi. Lemon juice instead of tamarind and hing because they dont eat garlic. I prefer that version.

  8. I was searching for north Karnataka receipe since long. Greate recipes. I want to know recipe of UNDI’s (prepare for Nagara Panchami) and different pallyas which is prepared without coconut (unlike Mangaloriens). I am thankful to you if you add these to this site.
    Harish Shetty

  9. Hi,
    we prepare North karnataka dharwad special brahmin style mouth watering food items(allittu,huli pudi,mandige,menthehittu,saarin pudi,chakkali,chatnipudi etc) and sell at Inamdar Dry Fruits near vanavasi ram mandir temple malamaddi dharwad phone 0836-6990199 and 2740144. We don’t send any parcel. Now new Ranjaka and TOKKU available. Thank you.

  10. Hi, I found this video on preparing ranjaka. I even tried it out and got an amazing result. Check it out :

  11. HI,
    I am from north karnataka,I liked your recipe ranjaka.

  12. hi,
    my maami at dharwad prepares ranjaka which can be preserved for nearly 6 months. I roughly know that she sun dries it in a jar to make it sour. can you please tell me how to preserve this Ranjaka for longer duration?

  13. thank you! seriously enjoying it…

  14. to preserve ranjaka for a longr time u should stir it often

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