Senga Holige

Shenga Holige is another of my favourite recipes. This can also be stored for a long time. We usually make these for Sankranti. My grandfather loved to take us out for a picnic near a place where there is water on this day. We used to pack up yummy Sajji rottis, chutneys, curd rice, crisp rottis, jhunkad vadi, hesar kaal along with desserts like Shenga holige, yenni holige etc and go to Navilteertha, Saudatti, M K Hubli, Gokak etc. When the weather was too hot, we used to pack up the picnic lunch and head down to the Brindavan gardens in Karnatak university or even Someshwar. Here goes the recipe!

Ingredients: Roasted peanuts (Senga/ground nuts) 200 grams, Maida (all purpose flour) 150 grams, Bombay Rawa (fine sooji) 50 grams, jaggery (brown sugar) 150 grams, , Oil two table spoons and a pinch of salt.

  • Roasted split and cleaned peanuts are powdered in a grinder. To split and clean, put the peanuts in a deep plate and apply slight pressure with a bowl. This will split them and make the peel come off. Blow off the peel or use a “mara” to separate them.
  • The powder is mixed thouroughly with brown sugar.
  • This mixture is pound in a mortar till it becomes soft ball of soft consistency (Let us call this A).
  • Maida 150 grams, Bombay Rawa (fine sooji) 50 grams, a pinch of salt are mixed with water to form a dough of soft consistency for rolling. Two table spoon hot oil is added to the dough and kneaded well.
  • A small quantity of this is rolled in to a small circle and the required amount of the peanut mix (A) is put in the circle. It is wrapped around and nicely sealed by pressing the edges of the circle in to a ball.
  • This ball is further rolled to the small sized circle of  about 4 to 5 “diameter by using rice flour and transferred to a pre heated tava to roast on either side to get the senga holige. 

Tips and Tricks:

Be sure to bake it on tava on low fire. Keep it outside till it cools.

Typically Served With:



6 Responses

  1. I needed to know many Holiges I’ll get using this recipe…

    For example I was preparing these for myself alone…so was wondering whether it will be too much for me..

    Also, please post how many servings one can get, when he(she) uses your recipe..

    Thanks a lot for the Sajji Rotti recipe,

  2. Hi,

    I am so tempted to share something after finding senga holige receipe on web, i recently baught lots of them from India made by my mom, shared it with my american colleuges and they loved it… much so that they personally came to me and asked me how do you make that “Cookie” 🙂

    what i miss most here is our tiny little cucumber (southikayee), had so many of them.

    Senga Cookie :D.


  3. shilpa

  4. i am tempted to try dis recipe for festival,as it can be stored for longer time n easy to make!

  5. it sounds delicious

  6. Nenaskondra Baiyag neer bartavo.. Urig hogbek anastad…

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