Yellu Holige

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For the stuffing (Lets call this A – can you sense the doctorates in chemistry doing this ;-))

White sesame seeds 100 grams, jaggery or brown sugar 100 grams,  gram (besan) flour 50 grams and khas khas 25 grams , cardamom powder 1 tea spoon

For the cover (Let us call this B)
50 grams maida, 1 table spoon grams (besan) flour ,100 grams wheat flour, 1 table spoon oil and a pinch of salt, for the cover.


  • Roast white till till golden brown and powder it.
  • Roast besan flour separately till brownish.
  • Roast khaskhas till it becomes brownish and starts crackling.
  • Powder the khaskhas.
  • Mix all the above and the cardamom powder well. This forms the stuffing.
  • Mix all the ingredients under B with required quantity of water to form a soft dough.
  • The small quantity of this is rolled in to a small circle and the required amount of the  mix (A) is put in the circle. It is wrapped and nicely sealed by pressing the edges of the circle in to a ball.
  • This ball is further rolled to the small sized circle of  about 4 to 5″ diameter by using rice flour and transferred to a pre-heated tava to roast on either side to get the  yellu holige.

Typically Served With:



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