Yenni Holige

This is another really tasty snack..I am trying to find out what is the word for Nevanakki in English. Also if we get it outside India :). If any of you know, please let me know.


Maida 150 grams, Bombay Rawa (fine sooji) 50 grams, pinch of salt, two tablespoons of oil, Nevanakki (Nevani in kannada) 200 grams, jaggery (brown sugar) 75 – 80 grams, dry ginger powder about 5 -6 grams

  • Add water with constant mixing to Maida, Bombay rawa, pinch of salt to form a dough of soft consistency.
  • Now to this add warm oil and knead it to form a dough. Cover it with wet cloth and leave aside. This is used to roll and wrap around the stuffing.
  • Nevani is washed with water and dried.
  • Dried nevani (also called nevanakki) is roasted in a tawa till it becomes crisp.
  • The crisp nevanakki is ground to a fine powder in a grinder.
  • This flour is mixed with ginger powder.
  • This is further mixed by hand with the powdered jaggery to form a dough like mass of soft consistency. This is used as the stuffing.
  • A small dough prepared with Maida (of the size of  table tennis ball) is rolled on a flat suface. Almost equal quantity of the soft dough like mass prepared from nevanakki is stuffed in the rolled maida and sealed to form a ball. It is then rolled on a flat platform to an elliptical shape with thickness of about quarter of an inch and size of a palm.
  • This is then fried in pre-heated oil to golden brown color.
  • This can then be kept on kitchen napkin to drain excess oil.

Tips and Tricks:

  • This will last for a week to ten days.

Typically Served With:



11 Responses

  1. can u please put snap of this Nevanakki

  2. Navane Akki is called as spiked millet, chinese corn or just millet…for photo one can use check this link

  3. pls chk out this website

  4. harsha,
    great to hv stumbled into your blog…i was searching for navani akki n lo….i found another treasure….love north karnataka food:)

  5. Hi Harsha,

    I am also from Belgaum. I often visit your blog for the recipes. Thanks for all those recipes.

  6. Nevane akki is “Foxtail Millet”

  7. Navane is called foxmillet

  8. Navani akki is “Foxtail Millet” and scientific name is Setaria italic.

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