Surali Holige

This is surali holige and this can be kept for a month and used as sweet snack.


Maida flour 200 grams. Chiroti rawa(very fine sooji ) 50 grams, pinch of salt , 1 table spoon vegetable  oil and water for making the covering to wrap the stuffing.(Let us call this A)

Phutani (roasted gram) powder 200 grams, brown sugar or finely powdered jaggery 200grams, 50 grams roasted and powdered khaskhas , 50 grams roasted and coarsely powdered grated coconut,  1 table spoon cardamom powder for stuffing.(Let us call this B)


  • Prepare hard dough by mixing all the ingredients under A with required quantity of water.
  • Cover it and keep aside.
  • Mix all the ingredients under B to prepare the stuffing.
  • Prepare a small ball of the dough and spread it with the help of rice flour to form a thin circular shaped chapati of about 9 inch diameter.
  • Transfer it on a preheated tawa and bake one side just for 2 minutes (since the chapatti like thing is very thin care should be taken not to over heat).
  • Turn it upside down and spread about 2 table spoons of above stuffing in the central 3 inch  strip, while on tawa.
  • Fold one side 3 inch  side over it and then the other side 3 inch portion above this.  
  • Also close the middle 3 inch opening on both the sides formed after folding the sides by pressing with dry kitchen napkin. Like a wrap.
  • Bake properly on low fire.
  • When done leave the suli holige on the dry plate to cool. 

Tips and Tricks:

  • You can use the dry grated coconut powder from the stores for this.

Typically Served With:

Any snack like vana avalakki, etc


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  1. Hi

    why don’t you put up some pictures so that people can follow it well.

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