Pundi palle

You really have to be a hard-core north Karnatak-ian to know this palle :). Or you might have heard the following:

Ganapati Ganapati Moraya!

Pundi palle sorya!

We do get this in NJ sometimes. It is called Bimli Jute in English. The botanical name of this is Hibiscus Cannabinus. This plant is mostly found in India and is distributed throughout the country up to an elevation of 3000 feet in the lower Himalayas. Here is what it is called in various languages:

English: Bimli Jute, Deccan Hemp, Kenaf

Sanskrit: Nalita

Hindi: Ambari, patsan, pitwa

Bengali: Mestapat

Marathi: Ambadi, Ambada

Gujarati: Ambari, sheria

Telugu: Gogu, gonkura

Tamil: Pulichhai, pulimanji, kasini

Kannada: Pundi

Malayalam: Kanjaru

Oriya: Kanuriya

Bihari: Kudrum

Punjabi: Sankokla

It is amazing to know that the plant is used to make ropes, jute bags, fishing nets, strings for tying rafters, floor mats, rug and chair backing etc. If the plant has less fibre, then it is used to manufacture paper. The leaves on the other hand are used as a herb. Tender leaves are also used as cattle fodder and seeds as cattle feed. They have a fatty oil used to make soaps, linoleum, paints and varnishes and after refining..

Here goes the recipe that is again rich in Iron!

2 cups cleaned and separated Pundi (ambadi) leaves , about 1 cup coarsely broken Sorghum (jolad nuchchu) or coarsely broken rice (akke nuchchu) or thick wheat rawa, 2 bulbs pealed garlic separated into cloves, salt, 2 spoons veg oil.


  • Boil pundi leaves in 4-5 cups water till the leaves are cooked soft.
  • Decant the water.
  • Put the garlic cloves,  jolad nuchchu, salt, mix well and cook for about 20 minutes with intermittent stirring till the nuchchu is well cooked and there is homogeneous mass formed.
  • Put the oil and mix well. 

Typically Served With:
Serve with ground  (kudsid khara) made with green chilli or red chilli (ranjaka) and oil to be eaten with jolad roti


17 Responses

  1. u get pundi soppu in US?

  2. Hi Harsha,
    I have something to say.I think it is marathi slang

    ‘Ganapathi Bappa Morya
    Phudchya varshi laukar Ya’

    Meaning is

    Hail Ganapathi Deva
    COme soon next year.

    This I could analyse when I stayed and mixed with marathi speaking people during my PG days.We from Maharshtra border conveniently converted to what you have quoted.

    Any way I am happy to see all familiar words in this site.

    Anupama Patil Banad

  3. Anupama, you and Harsha, both are right.The first slang is used in karnataka and the second one in Maharastra.I dont know the meaning of the first slang though, but we did use it a lot when we were kids.

    Harsha, thanks for the recipe. I just prepared it and it turned out good. waiting for my husband to taste it 🙂

  4. Hi Harsha,

    I am unable to find this in NJ.Help me ,I am dying to eat.


    You find it once in a while in the Indian stores..so keep looking. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you! 🙂


  5. Hi Harsha
    Thank u so much, not only for the recipe(eventhough my mother used to prepare in India). more thanks because, i was not getting malayalam name for it, as I stay in Dubai, n was not able to get this in any stores. As here most of th stores are run by keralites, I can ask for “Kanjaru” and get it. Its my favourite. Thanks alot!!!! keep up the work.

  6. Hi,

    I belong to HUBLI. I liked your blog very much. Excellent, Good writing too. I am impressed.

    I am preparing a website basically targetting NK students. This is Non-Commercial site. I wish to give information on how to prepare for various EXAMs and many more useful information.

    I wish to reproduce all your recipe and images in my website. It would be great if you can give consent for the same.

    Hope to receive your positive response.

    with love


    Hi Jyoti,

    Thanks for your comments. You cannot reproduce/copy any content from this site because it is copyrighted. You are welcome to put a link to the site if you like.


  7. its nice that u provide such information

  8. hi.
    actualy I am from andhra and married a dharwadi he is fond of pundi palle but i dont know how to prepare this any body cam help me?

    Hi Sireesha,
    You can find this recipe at
    Hope this helps.

  9. the recipe also needs paste of green chillies and jeera…to be put..

  10. recipe also needs a paste of jeera and green chillies along with Garlic,,

  11. Hey.. I have a a very diff recipe apart from this….

    Pressure cook the Tur dal along with Onion and tomato with little Haldi and One spoon of Cooking oil. Mash this coarsely.

    Separate only the leaves of Pundi Palle and wash it cleanly. In a Kadai, Put 4 tsp Oil and add Musturd seeds, Jeera, Curry Patta, Garlic, Finely chopped green chillies and then add Pundi palle and fry till the Leaves are mashed and baked.

    For this add the mashed dal, and finally add Salt and jaggery. Boil this mixture till all the ingredients are mixed.

    Serve this with Hot rice, Shenga Pudi and Mango pickle…….

  12. Hi Haarsha,

    Do you have any idea whether we get Pudipallya in UK (London)?
    If any body knew please let me know

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