Tamarind Chutney (Hunsi Takku)

Hunasi takku (hunchi tak) is something that will get anybody’s taste buds going “tak!”. You can eat it with chapatis, rotis or just apply a bit to bread or who knows – some of us like me might just like to nibble on a bit to get the taste buds active!


1 kg Green and hard tamarind (not the tender ones or also the ripe brown ones), green chillis, cumin seeds, 200 g salt, asaphotida (hingu), mustard, turmeric powder, jaggery


  • Peel the tamrind and remove the threadlike portion and the stem(end) portion.
  • Cut green chillis into big pieces.
  • Mix tamrind, chillis and salt and grind together to a coarse mixture and store in a glass jar or mud vessel(matka) which can be kept for upto an year .
  • Whenever required for serving (eating), take a small portion from this, add little jaggery and cumin seeds and grind to form a less coarse ( not paste) mixture.
  • Heat oil in a small kadai, add mustard.
  • After mustard cracks, add asaphoetida, turmeric powder and pour this seasoning on the coarse mixture.

Typically Served with:

Chapatis, Rice, Rotti, bread


7 Responses

  1. hi,
    a lovely site for all those who luv home food and especially north karnataka complete healthy diet.it wud be better if u add photographs to ur recipes. it adds to the look of the blog as well as gives us an idea as to wat the outcome shud be like…

  2. After a long long time, I feel I have come to the most authantic Karnataka oota blog.

    Thanks for the gift.

    Nemant Trivedi

  3. Do you know the english name for Kerbeeja? I have been trying to search for it but the only links I have been receiving are your blogs.

  4. Just bumped into your blog and I simply loved to see traditional north karnataka recipes 🙂 I hoped there would be a Dharwad peda recipe , But couldn’t find any 😦 I hope you will post it sometime. Do add some pictures of the recipes. You have a nice space here, will surely visit again.

  5. Hi,

    i am so happy to have found this site, but please could you post pictures…i am sure a lot more people will follow this blog if you do…seriously!!!


  6. Hi
    I am big fan of kanchikai pickles and lime pickles .
    can you share the recipe for both of this ! or do you know a place where they sell these 2 kinds of pickles in USA , NJ . Your info will be of great help.

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