Almost a million hits!

It’s been a while since I wrote any new recipes – I do refer to this site all the time and I love to see the comments. I wanted to acknowledge the visitors to the site – 858,714 hits! That is a LOT! I wanted to thank the patrons who come by regularly and also those who stumble upon this as they are looking for very specific North Karnataka recipes. We are almost ready to publish a coffee table book with all these unique recipes. Stay tuned on that. How awesome will it be to flaunt a book that talks about your culture and recipes from your region?! Let me know if you would be interested in the comments section.


5 Responses

  1. Nice Blog Need recipes Of dhapati,Nenkhittu(pitlla),aambur(kadi), Majgi aambur, and Roti Murk Chakli or Chapati Chakli

  2. Why have you stopped posting recipes??

    • Darrell – most of the recipes are posted here :). If there are any new requests, I’ll post it again!

  3. Hey,
    I’m not a kannadiga but born n bought up in Hubli so linghayat food is something I ready to eat everyday and for each meal.
    Coffee table book .. Wow. I would love have one.
    When would that be tentatively?
    Please do let me know when it’s out at the stands.


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