This site contains mostly of recipes from the region of North Karnataka. North Karnataka is an expanse of plateau, lying between 300 and 700 meters elevation. It covers the Belgaum District, Bellary District, Bidar District, Bijapur District, Bagalkot District, Chikmagalur District, Chitradurga District, Hubli-Dharwad District, Gulbarga District, Raichur District, and Shimoga District. It mostly lies on the plateau which extends north into eastern Maharashtra and east into the Telingana region of Andhra Pradesh.

The cuisine of North Karnataka comprises of diverse vegetarian dishes. Because most of the districts that comprise this region are on the boundaries of Karnataka, the cuisine is influenced by the neighboring states of Maharashtra (mostly eastern) and Andhra Pradesh. Because of the agriculture habits in the area, the main meals consist of Jowar, Wheat and Rice preparations. Another speciality of this cuisine is the use of peanuts – they say – give a north Karnataka woman peanuts and she’ll cook up a feast. I think this influence is really more from the Maharashtrian cuisine where peanuts are extensively used. Another ingredient that is used a lot is garlic. Garlic is very good for health – especially to lower cholestrol. Most of the other spices/powders used in the cooking are known to possess beneficial properties for one’s health. The vegetables in the north Karnataka region are VERY tasty – it could be mostly because there is not much water supply and so vegetables do not absorb too much water and thereby retain all the flavour.

A typical meal consists of pickle, salad (kosambri), vegetable dish (palle) or lentil dish (kaal), chutneys, curd, bread (chapati, rotti etc), dessert (this does not have to be eaten at the end), rice and different curries/soups (saar) and finally curd rice. 

When I think of my childhood days, I can still smell the aroma of my mom’s and grandmother’s cooking. It is amazing how tasty and healthy our food is. I did not see many recipes for these yummy dishes anywhere online. So I am starting this site to put all my family/region recipes here. The intent is also to have these recipes available to future generations of our family. Hope you enjoy cooking and savoring these recipes as much as I do. My parents, Amma and my SIL Pallavi will be helping with the recipes as they are the experts in our family. My hubby Srikanth, kids – Mihika and Ruhika, my  brother Shashwat and my daddy will endorse these recipes ;-). Ofcourse if you have comments to endorse/improve the recipes, those are welcome too.

This site is dedicated to my parents(Drs. Rajani and Shankar Bennur), my Grannies (Amma, Ajji and Chigawamma) and my beloved Grandfather (Ajjaree) Shri C.S. Bennur and Miraj Ajjaree.




56 Responses

  1. Dear Harsha,

    Thanks a ton for writing this blog.. I was born and brought up in belgaum and now living in the US with my hubby. Whenever I want to make some authentic N. Karnataka food, I look upto ur blog for the recipie.. Infact from last couple of days I was searching for jolad vadi recipie and was very happy to find it here. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


    Dear SG,

    I am glad that you like the recipes! My parents send those to me and I am mostly posting them here. We love getting comments, so please let me know how the jolad vadis turned out.


  2. heyy
    very nice blog..

    thanks for those lovely recipes !


  3. Respected Harsha,

    I truly appreciate your blog on Uttara Karnaataka recipes.

    I was born and brought-up in Belgaum. Presently working in US. Many a times, I feel like eating Uttara karnaataka oota, but can’t get it outside….so am forced to cook myself( I am pretty proud to admit that being a male, I do cook Jolada-Rotti, Dosi,etc whenever my stomach wants me to.)

    Today I was trying to make Shenga Chutney and had some doubts, so was on the internet and found a bunch of receipes on your blog….

    Now, I know where to find receipes to satisfy my cravings.

    Thanks a ton,

  4. Hi ,

    Its really a great site..

    i had a request. could anyone give the receipe for
    “Hurakki Holige”

    Hi Sharada,
    I will get the recipe for this and post it. Its just that I’ve not found “hurakki” here in the US. Do you know if Indian stores abroad carry that? What is it called in English?

    • Can anyone tell me how to make hubli type Mandakki puri usually made of small grain rice soaked in water and then fried in oil .Tell me rest …
      Advanced regards
      Shekar Avadhani

  5. HI

    i liked all ur receipes. This was the blog which i was looking forward.very nice blog .ihope i would get more receipes from north karanataka.

  6. Sajji rotti receipe please…..the Crispy ones wth Ellu cooked during some particular festival in Uttara Karnataka …..


    Hi Girish,
    I will get the sajji rotti recipe from my mom or grand mother and post it soon.
    Stay tuned..
    Harsha 🙂

  7. Hi Harsha,

    Wow!!! i am so happy i landed on this website.. i was acutally looking for a receipe for gargi and shenga holige and i googled for gargi first and i got you!!

    I am origianlly from hubli and Dharwad area but was brought up elsewhere but no matter where you go you always keep your roots when it come to marriage and food!!
    I currently live in the UK and will try the mentioned receipes first but i think i will end up trying all the other ones at some point or the other..
    Bye for now,Komal

  8. It is a pleasure to see this blog. I am always on look for K style cooking blog.

  9. HI,
    This is very nice blog. As i’m from malenadu(shimoga) , i don’t know the recipes of jolad rotti oota. but i’ve tasted it when i was in davanagere. My husband loves uttar karnataka dishes very much which i don’t know how to make. i’ve tried jolad rotti but it couldn’t come out well. so could you video it and send it pls. and also could u send me the photos of each recipe how does it look like(jolad rotti oota served in hotels). hope u’ll do it . thanks in advance.

  10. Hi,
    I was actually googling for the recipe for Karindi and found your site! Amazing effort, keep up the good work. Something that was lacking for a very long time online..a place to go for authentic north karnataka recipes…

  11. Hi Harsha,

    I am from Bidar but my parents are settled in Hyderabad.I am in Us with my hubby & i really miss my mom’s home made food.I have started cooking only after marriage & i dint knew how to prepare our recipes…. Thanks a ton to ur website which has all my fav’s……. Keep posting….

  12. Hi Harsha,

    Lovely effort. I have been hunting around for a good web site on North Karntaka recipes. Today I hit your postings and they are a joy to behold. Though I am from Hubli, have settled down in Bangalore for the last decade and half!!. I still miss our vegetable taste from our soil!!

    Could you possibly add photo shots – it could add life to the recipe and for first time cooks, it would be an energiser:-)

    Do check out http://www.nandyala.org( Mahanandi).


  13. Harsha – Thanks for the wonderful recipes and the Kannada proverbs. From Hubli, but now in US. This site makes me nostalgic. I’m not a very good cook, but the recipes here are so simple to follow. Great work & again thanks a ton.

    If possible, pplease could you post Sabasgi palle recipe.

  14. Hi harsha,
    My name is Jyoti. I am from hubli now leaving in chicago area. I truely appreciate your effort for making this website. I really enjoyed making some of ur receipes.
    Thank you

  15. wonderful blog Harsha!!
    I am from Mangalore. Most of the time i cook mangalorean food. But i keep experimenting new things!!
    Today i made shenga hindi!! 🙂
    Thanks a lot for you blog!!


  16. Hello Harsha….
    Am married to a telugu… the mere kannada words fill me with joy…..Thanks for the blog…reminds of all the authentic north karnataka food… I do make jolada rotti….. this blog helps so much to repolish my memories…. but does anybody know about bartha (all veggies with yallu pudi & bella)made for sankranti eaten with sajje & jolada rotti?

    Hi Sharmila,
    It is called bartha. I am posting that recipe now. Hope you enjoy it!

    • hello Harsha,
      Its been a while since i surfed for receipe got busy with kids. And I saw that there are no new additions. Hope all is ok.
      Infact, thoughts are in my mind that I compile the family receipe and will start the process soon. will share them with you if you are interested.
      send me you email ID, any inputs as to how i approach this? your feed back will be greatly appreciated.


  17. Hi Harsha,
    Dunno if u remember… We were neighbors in bgm.
    Great work, this is the best site for NK food I found on the WWW.

    Thanks Bharathy! Sending you an email now 🙂

  18. Hi Harsha,

    I am so happy to see ur site, as you post all our north kannadiga’s recipes. I like the way u tell the verisions, tips. Thank you so much for sharing the recipes.
    I m budding blogger, trying old and new recipes.

    do check my blog:http://panchpakwan.blogspot.com

    Hi Jo,
    Thanks for the comments. I will definitely visit your site soon! I am sure you will enjoy blogging! It can get pretty addictive pretty soon :).

  19. Lovely blog Harsha avare… authentic ones at that. I like making them and am married to a mysorean family where coconut is used a lot. Well , I would love to have the recipe of badnekayi rasavangi.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Shubha,
    I will post that recipe soon. Stay tuned.

  20. I love North Karnataka dishes and I am glad I stumbled upon this.

  21. Harsha,
    eega nanna maga website kalisida. ava singaporedalli iddana.Bhal chanda bardiri. Navu bengaluraga iddevi. hubballiyavaru. eshto marata hogirtava. eega ondonda bekanisidaga nenapu madikondu madlikke baratada.

    Devaru olleyadu madli. Have a Good day. Bye.

  22. Hi Harsha,

    I have tasted a dry garlic chutney powder and liked it a lot. Can you please post its recipe.

    Your site is quite addictive in case one is a foodie.

    Hi there..
    Garlic Chutney is in the chutneys and masalas section..check it out 🙂

  23. Nice initiative .. :=) Keep it up ..

    Wish you a Rocking Success..

  24. hi harsha this is wonderful blog it is lovely to see traditional dishes of belgaum.try to add photos of dishes.

  25. Hi harsha,

    Its nice to c your blog and you have done a good job. I am from Bellry bt working in blr for the last 3 years. i always miss my mother’s food like, rotti, chatni, thalepettu etc. I love rotti with tamota, bendekai chatni lot. whenever i visit my native place i wont miss to have rotti with chatni which is made up by ollu (natural grinder) i dont know wat it cal in eng) Thanks for being written about north karnatak’s receips and dishes. Keep it up.


  26. Hi,
    I am born and brought up in Maharastra. My mother was a very good cook and she cooked most of ur items. I used to miss not having her recipes with me( even if I had i will not guarantee following it.) Thanks for all the recipes. I will surely follow ur site.

  27. Hi Harsha,

    I was going through your blog and noticed your last name, ‘Bennur’. And then I read your ‘About’ page, where you have dedicated your blog to your parents etc. Guess what… I know your family ! They (including you!) are our distant relatives. And my parents currently live in Dharwad, Kalyan Nagar, very close to your parents. Anyway, my Mom’s name is Ratna Jali (maiden name). I am sure your mother knows her. 🙂

    Take care,

  28. absolutely top class stuff. the authentic north karnataka receipes published by you deserve appreciation from the bottom of my heart. i am basically from north karnataka but settles in maharashtra now. I was just wondering why you have missed pickles section on your website. actually they are as important as other foodies.request for authentic mango takku, and lemon pickle.

  29. Dear Harsha,

    Feels really good to read all your recipes and yes this is the first website I saw, on the North Karnataka recipes on the net and just love your blogs. Keep up the good work!

    With best wishes,


  30. Nice to see the north karnataka recipes explained in simple but in effective way.

    I am interested to open a hotel (which got dishes of karnataka majorly north karnataka) in south kenara region if you know anyone who can cook north karnataka dishes and interested in this please point it to me.

    Frankly it will be new venture for me and i need guidelines/suggestions for the same.


  31. Hi Harsha,

    Its really good site. i was searching for north karnatka receipes and i landed here. basically from dharwar now in US.

    pl add some payasas which we prepare for some festivals.

    Keep the good work …

  32. This is really a useful site. Whenever I want to preapare a north Karnataka recipe this is my reference Thanks for the great effort.

    I could not get recipe of Sheera. If it is not there can you please put this on the site as it is a delicious dish.

  33. bhaal cholo anast ee blog nodi…. pls go ahead

  34. Some really great blog posts on this website, thanks for contribution.

  35. Hi Harsha,

    I just stumbled on ur blog today at my mom’s place and lo….all sweet memories just tumbled down the lane…it was a nostalgic half an hour where me nd mom just couldnt help reading more nd more nd more…My mom who is 72 yrs old is from Bijapur and i hv actually visited Bijapur every summer vacation at my aunt’s (Hema maushi) place. I had tears rolling down after hearing the familiar names of some mouth watering recipes…GR8 job, dear….thanx a million…keep up the gud work :))

  36. Hi Harsha
    I loved ur bog felt back home . I am from Hubli now in US with my husband so really nice to see the recipe from our home town so i will try the recipe n post comments for you … keep it up …!

  37. Hi Harsha…
    Loved your blog….toooooo good ….Awwa mado yella adige ninna blognyaga nodi santosh aatu…thanx a million….continue this good work….

  38. Hi Harsha,

    ‎Specially for you and and for all foodies out here there is a treat for your taste buds at this years Bengaluru Ganesh Utsava:

    Indulge in the best of cuisines in “Aromas of Karnataka”. This is a food fest showcasing some of the best known gastronomical delights from across Karnataka, at a single location for audiences to appreciate and savour.

    Aromas of Karnataka will have individually designed stalls from the six distinctive regions of Karnataka, serving the most delectable time-honored dishes. The stalls will be decorated thematically in keeping with the cultural heritage of each region.

    For Details Visit: https://www.facebook.com/BengaluruGaneshUtsava/app_274392992668644

  39. blog nodi bhaal khushi aat. nang jamkhandige hogi bandang aat. many thanks to you.

  40. This is the most treasured find ! Thank you for reaching all those who want to cook authentic North Karnataka food.

  41. Hi,
    as I was searching for uttar Karnataka receipes, could not go beyond this site. Lot of wonderful reciepes and wonderfully explined. Thank you.

  42. My favorite of all is akki huggi, as my mom is from Haveri. I would be happy to see receipe for pundi palle.

  43. Thanks for the recipes…II wanted to learn north Karnataka recipes..especially chutney pudis…I found it here..btw what masala do u use for sambar/huli?

  44. …Namaskara . na .masala khara recepi hudkta idde. nimma blognalli nodi bhala khushi aathri 🙂 ella ( atlest few ) recepi jothi photos hakrella innoo cholo irthithri 🙂 colourfull iratta:)
    inthi Renuka:)

  45. Dear Harsha, Stumbled into your blog while I was searching for some NK recipes…we are from Andhra/Tamil nadu and been in bengaluru for 6 yrs, love the NK cuisine and rush to Kamat Lokaruchi to savour the food. I was looking up for recipes of kaalu, I couldn’t identify the names of kaalu varieties so far we’ve eaten at lokaruchi, one resembled urad dal sprouts(white and same size), one was big white beans, simply loved them all. In your blog I have been able to find some recipes, would be great if you could post some pics of the raw ingredients as well for folks like me. Lovely blog. First blog with such a vast collection of NK recipes. I am going to be visiting this space often. Great work. thank u!!!

  46. Hi thank you and god bless u for making this site I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed the recipes , I have a request too please bring in some pickle reciepes too
    Take care bring more Soumya

  47. Hi harsha

    Cool to see your site I enjoyed reading pundi paliye I miss eating that in Detroit unfornutaley u don’t get it … If you can write on steamed modak would be lovely ,…
    See ya

  48. Hi! By chance I came across this site just now.Glad to write that you are doing a grate social service and helping to preserve the ancestral culinary skill for the generations.Many of the items are liked by the locals of even Bengaluru and Mysuru also.Many names of recipes itself are quite mouthwatering for those who had the taste in their childhood and now for reasons they are deprived of them.Hope your efferts reach many people and let they relish these things if they get the required materials like fried navani akki (hurekki),pundipallya etc.Thank you.
    Subhash B. Angadi. Mysore.

  49. Very interesting. Most of these dishes are also found in other parts of the country.There are some dishes specific to north karnataka.
    Viz. Tambittu ( laddu made using corn from jawar).
    Allittu( made from jawar flour).
    Gunda_pangla ( Looks more like idli, but made out of kadli flour).
    Belgaum specific, Kunda and Khava.
    Dharwad Peda.
    Sajji Bhakari.

  50. Can you please tell me how to prepare mandakki puri ( made out of small rice deep fried ) and Khara,salt and other ingredients are added.
    This also available in old mysore and Bangalore at selected stored.
    Waiting for a early reply.

  51. Thanks a ton Harsha.. you’ve done an awesome job of putting together the north karnataka recipes. Will be very helpful to next gen wannabe cooks who may not have picked up the recipes growing up … Preeti

  52. Good recipes I grew up in hbl dwr Belgaum region ..I feel it’s the best food n very healthy . especially the veggies are so tasty with ..n I love shenga pudi ,agasi pudi, gurella pudi, ..the cuisine needs to explored ..n should get a platform on world level ..

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