Masar kai or Masargayi is basically dried chilly which can be fried before eating. It is typically eaten with curd rice.


25 Long and spicy green chillis, 1/2 cup + 1 tea spoon cumin powder (for stuffing and curd), 1 table spoon + 1 tea spoon hingu (asaphotida powder), 2  tea spoons+ 1 tea  spoons salt, 1 tea spoon sugar, 1/2 litre sour and soft  curd or thick butter milk and oil for frying.


  • Make longitudinal slits in the chills.
  • Mix 1/2 cup cumin powder(jeera powder), 1 tea spoon hingu (asafoetida) and salt.
  • Stuff the chillis with this mixture.
  • Add 1 tea spoon salt, 1 tea spoon cumin powder, 1 tea spoon hingu powder and 1 tea spoon sugar to the curd and mix well.
  • Transfer the stuffed chillis in this curd and keep those for soaking in the curd overnight.
  • Remove the soaked chillis from the curd and dry in hot sun by spreading on plastic sheet, for 2-3 days till they are crisp and dry.
  • Store in plastic or glass container.
  • Deep fry in hot oil in kadai just before you want to eat it.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The soaked chillies could be dried in microwave oven too). 

Typically Served With:

Curd rice and other rice dishes or sweet dishes like holige, payasam etc


Garam Masala


500 g coriander seeds, 10 grams each – clove, cinnamon, shajeera and black pepper,100 grams cumin seeds, 50 grams khaskhas , ½ nutmeg(optional)


  • Roast all the ingredients without any oil.
  • Grind and sieve.
  • Store in a glass bottle.

Typically used for:

Vegetable entrees

Goda Masala (kala masala)

Goda Masala is used to make some subjis and also to make amti. This masala is very commonly used in Maharashtrian food. However because of Maharashtrian influence in north Karnataka food, we use it a lot too.


500 g  coriander (dhaniya) seeds, 1 cup dry grated coconut, 100 g white til (sesame seeds), 100 g cumin seeds, 25 g shajeera, 5 g cinnamon, 5 g cloves, 10 g patri(tamal patra), 10 g paththarfool( kallhoo)

  • Process:
    Roast til and grated coconut separately , mix and grind.
  • Roast all other ingradients one by one in little oil starting with small quantity first and ending with largest one(dhaniya seeds).
  • Grind all these and sieve.
  • Then mix with powdered til + coconut powder.
  • Store in a glass bottle.

Masale Khara

Masale Khara is used in a lot of vegetables(palle), lentils (kaal) and also to make the world famous kharbyaali or saar (curry). This can stay for atleast a year in the refrigerator. Typically in India, we can get the ingredients ready and then get those ground in the mill (girani). However outside India, we will need to resort to the good old mixer/blender! Worth the effort – in my opinion.

 Ingredients                                                                                             Quantities

i.                     Dries Byadagi Red Chillies  –  (Tumbu Tegada) or         500 gms

            Red chilli powder

ii.                   Onions ( cut longitudinally)                                                                           650 gms

iii.                  Garlic   (peeled)                                                               250 gms                               

iv.                 Ginger  (cut into small pieces)                                           100 gms

v.                   Coriander Seeds/ powder                                                500 gms       

vi.                 Cumin seeds / powder                                                     150 gms

vii.                Cinnamon sticks/powder                                                     50 gms      

viii.              Cloves                                                                                50 gms      

ix.                 Dried Coconut (Khopra)- long cut pieces                         100 gms      

x.                   White Til                                                                            50 gms

xi.                 Pepper                                                                               50 gma                              

xii.                Shajeera                                                                             25 gms                  

xiii.              Poppy Seeds                                                                      25 gms      

xiv.              Kalla whovu (flower)                                                        10 gms                  

xv.               Patri Leaves                                                                       15 gms      

xvi.              Salt and                                                                            100 gms      

xvii.            Sun Flower Oil                                                      500 ml

xviii.           Curry leaves    


  • Heat 250 ml oil in a kadai
  • Fry the coconut pieces till brown.  Transfer to a separate container.
  • Fry coriander seeds or powder till brown and transfer to the above container.
  • Roast cumin seeds/powder till brownish and transfer. To a separate container.
  • Fry cinnamon, shjeera, pepper, while til, cloves, cinnamon, kallwhovu, patri leaves one by one till brownish. And transfer (mixture I)
  • Heat remaining  oil. Add cut onion and roast till brown, add garlic and ginger and roast for a while, then add curry leaves and heat for a while. Remove the misture in a separate container.(mixture II)
  • In the left over oil, heat red chilli powder / red chillies till brown.
  • Grind mixture I and Mixture II separely and then mix it together and grind again. Mix it with the roasted chilli powder, add salt and mix the entire mixture thoroughly well to get the masala khara.

Tips and Tricks: 

  • In order to preserve for long, the onon pieces should be dried in hot sun, till crisp and then fried in oil till brown.and then ground and mixed with the other ingredients

Typically used for or served with:

  • Saar, Kharbyaali, kaal, palle (curries, lentils, vegetables) etc.
  • You could even have it with chapatis/rotti (rolled with some ghee/oil and khara)
  • You can add masala khara to plain daal, add fresh chopped onions and some ghee to make an instant entre to eat with chapatis/rotti.

Menthe Hittu or Methkut

Menthe Hittu is a powder that we typically eat with hot cooked rice and ghee. The aroma is just heavenly :).

Original Methkut:


1 cup gram dal,  ½  cup udad dal, ½  cup rice, 2 tea spoons wheat, 1 table spoon cumin seeds, 2 tea spoons methyl seeds, 2 tea spoons hing(asaphotida), 1 tea spoon turmeric powder, 1 tea spoon chilli powder, 1 tea spoon coriander ( dhania) seeds, 1 tea spoon mustard seeds, salt to taste.


  • Roast gram dal, udid dal amd wheat.
  • Mix all the ingradients and grind.
  • Sieve and store in a glass bottle.

Express version: 

The actual process is pretty complicated but this is an express version (jhat pat methkut is what my mom calls it :))


besan flour (One tablespoon), jowar flour(One tablespoon), wheat flour(One tablespoon), pinch of Asofateda, Methi flour (one teaspoon), Turmeric powder (one teaspoon), chilli powder (one teaspoon and optional), ginger powder (one teaspoon) and salt to taste.


Roast all the above ingredients on low heat until a fresh aroma sets in and mix.

Typically Served With:

Rice and lots of ghee.