Tamarind Chutney (Hunsi Takku)

Hunasi takku (hunchi tak) is something that will get anybody’s taste buds going “tak!”. You can eat it with chapatis, rotis or just apply a bit to bread or who knows – some of us like me might just like to nibble on a bit to get the taste buds active!


1 kg Green and hard tamarind (not the tender ones or also the ripe brown ones), green chillis, cumin seeds, 200 g salt, asaphotida (hingu), mustard, turmeric powder, jaggery


  • Peel the tamrind and remove the threadlike portion and the stem(end) portion.
  • Cut green chillis into big pieces.
  • Mix tamrind, chillis and salt and grind together to a coarse mixture and store in a glass jar or mud vessel(matka) which can be kept for upto an year .
  • Whenever required for serving (eating), take a small portion from this, add little jaggery and cumin seeds and grind to form a less coarse ( not paste) mixture.
  • Heat oil in a small kadai, add mustard.
  • After mustard cracks, add asaphoetida, turmeric powder and pour this seasoning on the coarse mixture.

Typically Served with:

Chapatis, Rice, Rotti, bread


Hirekai (Ridge Gourd) chutney

Hirekai is one of my favourite subjis. But more than the subji, I like the chutney that is made with its edges and peel. There are two versions that my mom makes. So here they go:

  • Wet Chutney

Ingredients: Ridge Gourd peel or scrapings from the gourds (hirekai cover) or tender hirekai cut into small pieces, onion – 1 small, 4-5 green chillies, 1 bulb of garlic cloves, cilantro (coriander) leaves, curry leaves, 1 teaspoon sesame seeds, 1 fistful peanuts, 1 teaspoon gural powder, tamarind paste to taste, salt, 1 teaspoon oil, 1 teaspoon cumin seeds, 1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds and asafoetida


  • Heat oil in a small kadai.
  • Add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, til seeds and asafoetida.
  • Then add peanuts and stir till they turn brownish.
  • Now transfer onion and hirekai pieces and roast till brownish.
  • Add garlic, coriander leaves, gural powder, tamarind paste, brown sugar or jaggery and salt.
  • Transfer to a grinder/mixer and grind to a coarse consistency.

Tips and Tricks:

To peel the gourd, you can use a fruit peeler and keep the peel aside.

Typically Served With

Tastes very good with chapattis, rotti or thalipet.

Red Chili Chutney (Ranjaka)

Well any native of Dharwad or Bijapur knows Ranjaka! Or the famous, aradidda khara. This is another recipe for folks who love spicy spicy food! This can be kept for 1 week at room temperature or 1 month in refrigerator.


Fresh red chillies 200 grams, Garlic bulbs three (India size), Cumin seeds 20 grams, Fresh coriander chopped 50 grams, Tamarind paste 2 table spoons, Salt, Brown sugar (jaggery) to taste and Oil.


  • The fresh and cleaned chillies 200 grams are roasted on a low fire in a small quantity of oil for about 5 – 8 minutes.
  • To this all other ingredients are added and ground to a fine paste in grinder/wet grinder.
  • The paste thus obtained is transferred to a bowl and seasoned with 4 table spoons hot oil with asafetida and mustard seeds.

Typically Served With:

This hot and tasty preparation goes well  with rotti, chapatti for hot and spicy good lovers!!


Karindi is another very very spicy chutney for those of you who like spicy food. This can also be stored for a long time in the refrigerator.


Green / Red chillis 250 grams, 3 bulbs of garlic (whole – in India, 8-10 cloves in USA), 50 grams each of flex seeds, menthe seeds and mustard seeds, salt and oil.


  • Grind all the ingredients except oil to a coarse mixture.
  • Add heated and cooled oil to the above mixture.
  • Keep in hot sun for a day or two to ferment it.


  • Cut pieces of carrot or bitter gourd without seeds can be added to the above mixture before subjecting to fermentation. 

Typically Served With: 

This can be eaten with roti or chapatti or rice too. You can add ghee or oil to tone down the spice a bit 🙂

Kuchida Khara

Kuchida Khara is a chutney made of red/green chillies. It goes well with chapatis – especially if you like very very spicy foods! It can be stored in the refrigerator for a longer time.


Green/Red chilies, Salt, Cumin seeds, White Til (sesame seeds), Methy seeds (Fenugreek), Dry coconut (grated or pieces), Garlic, Tamarind paste and brown sugar(jaggery).


  • Take two hundred grams of cleaned chillies.
  • Roast them on a slow heat in a vessel with sufficient quantity of oil(couple of tablespoons) for about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Put the chillies along with cumin seeds 20 grams, white til 20 grams, Methy seeds 20 grams, grated dry coconut 20 grams, 3 cleaned garlic bulbs (whole bulbs in India or a 6-7 cloves of garlic in USA), tamarind paste about one table spoon and brown sugar (jaggery) and salt to taste in a grinder.
  • Grind to coarse paste.
  • The whole mixture is taken in a seperate  vessel,  a small amount of water is added and brought to boil for about 5 min and cooled.
  • Season with oil, mustard seeds and asafoetida.

Typically Served With: 

This goes well with chapatti, rotti etc.

Phutani Chutney(Roasted Gram Dal)

Phutani chutney can be stored for the longest time. It really tastes good and has so many uses :).


200 grams phutani, 2 medium size garlic bulbs, 50 grams roasted peanuts or grated dry coconut,  1 teaspoon cumin powder, 2 table spoons red chili powder, 1 table spoon salt, 1 tea spoon sugar., dried curry leaves, ½ lemon.


  • Clean and peel garlic cloves. 
  • Mix all the ingredients except lemon.
  • Grind to a fine powder in the grinder.
  • Squeeze lemon in it and mix well.

Typically Served With:

This chutney can be eaten with rotis or chapattis with ghee or curd. Also it can be applied over roasted bread slices or bagels or croissants along with ghee – it tastes very good.

Gural Chutney (Karal or Kare Yellu chutney)

Gural pudi is a specialty in north Karnataka recipes or even in lingayat recipes. The chutney made with gural seeds is also very yummy!


200 grams gural seeds, 4 medium size garlic bulbs, 1teaspoon cumin powder, 2 table spoons red chilli powder, 1 table spoon salt.


  • Clean and peel garlic cloves. 
  • Roast gural seeds in a shallow pan on low fire till they start making cracking noise and giving roasted smell.
  • Mix all the ingredients and subject to grinding in a mixer grinder.

Typically Served With:

The gural chutney along with curd tastes good with jowar roti, sajji roti, crisp jowar rotis and chapattis.