Superstitions and Blind Beliefs


1.  If one sees a bird called as ‘ratnapakshi’ or ‘bhardwaj’,it is considered as a good omen. (May be because it is a graceful and also not a very commonly seen bird!)

2. If a cat goes across in front, while going for some work, it is considered as a bad sign.(may be because cat belongs to the same family as lion, which is a dangerous species)

3. If crossed by a woman with pot of water, good omen.

4. If crossed by a (Brahmin) widow with shaved head, a bad omen.

5. If crossed by a barber with his instruments, a good omen

6. If crossed by a barber without his instruments, a bad omen..

7. If one sees a single bird called myna, a bad omen. to nullify the effect, one should see a green tree.

8. If one sees pair of myna birds, it is a good omen.

9. Sneezing on the entry point of main door (umbaratha or hosla), bad omen.

10. Cow entering the house, good.

11. If a flower falls from God’s idol or photo towards right side, a good omen.

12. If one sees a cow along with its calf, a good omen.

13. If one sees a mongoose or mangasuli, a good omen.

14. If lizard chirps, a bad omen.

15. If rain starts while leaving the house, good.

 16. If lower left eye lid moves, good fo women, bad for men

 17. If lower right eye lid moves, good fo men, bad for women.

 18. If a dead body is being taken across, it is a good omen.

  19. If a pregnant woman crosses someone’s legs, the child would be   like that person.

  20. The baby will resemble the person whose face is seen daily in the morning by its mother during her pregnancy. 

  21. Marrying a squint eyed woman is considered as a good thing.

       (Because it is difficult to get a squint girl married?)

22. If one eats raw rice, there will be heavy rains during his/her marriage.

      this must be to discourage children eating raw rice.

 23.If coconut offered to God is spoiled one, it is a good thing.

       one should not feel bad that the money for coconut is wasted but should feel happy that it has really    reached God.

 24. If coconut is broken lengthwise, there is going to be a child born in the family- this broken coconut appears like a cradle!

Usually coconut is offered to God after pooja and if this is blessed with the wish for a baby, one feels very happy.

 25. While preparing puran poli( holige) , if puran(stuffing hurna) remains at the end, it results in a boy, if the dough remains, then it is going to be a girl.

 26. A pregnant lady is made to open one of the closed cups containing sweets and depending on the gender of the sweet ( in marathi, all nonliving objects have genders), the baby is going to be he or she!)

27. Owl’s voice during night is a bad thing!

  28. If crows make lot noise outside the house, indicates that guests are going to arrive!

       (Usually crows gather to eat the food that is thrown outside and when guest is going to arrive, there is lot of food being prepared and waste being thrown and crows gather to eat that making noise to call other crows!)

29. If one gets hiccups, someone is remembering.

  Dont get upset over the hiccups but be happy that someone is remembering you!

 30 If a child does pee on someone, then that person will get a child of his own.

  One should not be upset over it, but be happy!

  31. If one wears a dress upside down, he/she will get a new dress.

      –One should not be upset over it, but be happy!

32. If a dog sneezes while going out, it is a good omen.

 (better to have a dog as pet!)

33. If no water is left in bucket after the bath is over by a married woman, then she does not get to go to her parents’ house.

34. If lizard falls on body, in general it is considered as bad and one should take bath immediately. Also depending on the part on which it has fallen, there are different effects: For example, if it falls on

  i) back – bad for the next sibling

  ii) stomach(of women) – indicates that soon a child is going to be born

 iii) hand and legs – bad in general

 iv) head – it is good – for girls it is said as ‘rani ban jayegi  or she will be a queen!

35. If some clothes disappear from house all of a sudden, it is believed that some dead ancestor is watching that person.

36. If one sweeps the house with a broom, guests arrive.

(Infact one specially cleans the house when guests are expected).

37. If a thing or incidence takes place twice, it is bound to happen for the third time!




(Possible explanation for some…….)

1. Should not make cotton batti for lamp on Monday .

    (Since Monday is the first working day of the week,  better  finish  such  work on Sunday or before at leisure time.)

2.  Sister of a brother should not take head bath on Monday .

     (Since brother in supposed to be cared by a sister, she should spend   time or him on the 1st working day o the week, and finish work like head bath on the holiday i.e. Sunday.)

3. Mother who has first male child or a son, should not prepare ghee (by  melting butter) on Monday.

 Usually first born son is more petted by parents, it is better to look at his requirements on Monday i.e. the first working day of the week, so it is advisable to finish the time consuming work like ghee making on Sunday or beforehand. 

4. Do not leave the house on Tuesday for going out of station- this is or all and more for a married daughter of the house.

Usually pooja like mangalagouri or devipooja is performed on Tuesdays and daughter of the family is like goddess, so she should stay, attend or perform the pooja and not leave the house.

5. Daughter in law should not leave the house on friday, for going out of station .

Usually laxmi pooja is performed on Fridays and daughter in law is considered as laxmi of the house, she should not go out on Friday.

6. As per marathi customs, should not go out of station on Wednesday (Jaashil budhi tar yesheel kadhi?) – That will result in delaying the return.

7 New clothes should be worn for the first time on a Wednesday.

Wednesday if budhwar in marathi. And budh means oozing or overflowing, so one will get a lot of new clothes.

8 Should not wear new clothes for the first time on a Saturday – Saturday is considered as a ‘non working day’, so nothing will work well.

9. for cutting nails, the effect on different days

    Monday for Health

    Tuesday for Wealth

    Wednesday for News

    Thursday for Shoes

    Friday for Fear

    Saturday for Happiness

    Sunday for Sorrow.

10. Should not return back on 9th day after going to other place –

(usually one feels like extending the stay after going out, so this is a good excuse!)

11. Should not have ‘moongdal’for naivedya.

(Usually moongdal is light for digestion, so given to sick, so there should be something else in meal that means all should be in good health!)

12. Should not make gourd and have it for naivedyam on Monday.

(Gourds are sometimes bitter, so better have stock of all other vegetables on Sunday for the week.)

13. Should not yawn during meals(one should not be sleepy while eating- be awake and enjoy the food!)

14. Should not swim after meals.

(any exercise after  meals is bad, because, the circulation should be for digestion and not diverted for other organs)

15. Should not grind teeth !

(It is sign of bad health or worms in stomach)

16 There should be no light off during dinner.

(There should be enough light to see what one is eating)

17 Fresh curds should not be eaten for the first time for dinner. 

 18 Borrowed oil or ghee should be returned back without fail.

19. Salt should not be given in hand.

20. Sharp objects like knife should not be given in hand.- to avoid hurting.

21. Should never present a handkerchief to anybody

22. Should not weep in the evening.

23. Should not say ‘ I am going’ in the evening, but should say’ I am going and coming back’ – as this is time for goddess laxmi (wealth) to enter.

24. Should give curd and sugar in palm while going for some important work, examination or going out of station.- curd and sugar signify prosperity and satisfaction.

25. Should never say no if milk is offered in anybody’s house. –

because milk is considered as poorn anna or complete food.

26. Never say no to ‘poha’ (pressed rise or awalakki) if offered

27. Should not do important or auspicious work during ‘rahukal’.

Rahukal is for a period of 1 and 1/2 hour during day time, at different time on different days as follows (IST)–

Monday       7.30 to 9

Tuesday       3.00 to 4.30 pm

Wednesday  12 noon to 1.30 pm  

Thursday      1.30 to 3.00 pm

 Friday          10.30 am to 12 noon

Saturday         9.00 am to 10.30 am

Sunday           4.30 pm to 6.00 pm

28. Never should pass fire between two persons. It results in quarrel between the two.

  (Fire is dangerous and it could hurt others if carried within short distance

29.  Rice should not be served only once – results in having only female children,

If served three times- the person might take loan.

This must be with the intension of serving more.

30 While going out for travel, never take 2, 3 or even number of chapattis.

2 chapattis are considered to be required by one person- so it is always advisable to carry more.

 31. Never carry a new born baby and food together, when the baby is being taken to its father’s house for the first time after its birth.

Usually ladies go to parents’ place for delivery. As it is there are lot many things to be carried while taking the new born for the first time. So there should not be additional botheration of carrying the food.

 32. Ganesh naivedya should be eaten by ladies only.

May be because, on festival days many guests are invited and after serving all, all the items may not remain for the lady of the house who prepares the food.

33. Should never keep a broken or cracked mirror in the house!

 It is dangerous and might cause wound.

34. Never keep a broken doll, especially with lost head.

      It looks awful!

 35. Never a slipper, chappal or shoe should be in upside down position.

    (This must be for discipline. )

36. Never wash your plate while going out of station, specially the daughter of the family.

(Daughter of the house and also invited guests are not supposed to do work in parents’/ host’s house)

37. Never sprinkle the leftover water on hand on others after washing the hand.

(This is a bad habit)

  38. After having bath, the water in bucket should not be completely finished.


82 Responses

  1. hey very nice collection

  2. Quite an impressive collection!

    Wondering about some things..

    4. If crossed by a (Brahmin) widow with shaved head, a bad omen.

    — there is a very interesting story of Akbar and Birbal. A person was seen as unlucky by all. One day Akbar happened to see this person first thing in the morning, and lots of things went wrong for him that day. Later on, Akbar orders that such an unlucky fellow should be beheaded. That poor man comes running to Birbal for help. Then Birbal later tells Akbar, ‘first you should be executed?’. “Why??” asked the emperor, “he caused so much of bad luck to me!!”. Then Akbar replies – “seeing your face, this man is going to face death, how unlucky you must be for him then!” The emperor laughs and gives him some gold coins instead 🙂

    Another superstition…

    If lizard falls…
    ii) stomach(of women) – indicates that soon a child is going to be born

    – what’s so bad about this??

    In general, shouldn’t our whole GOAL of life to be moving from conditioned mind to unconditioned? These superstitions do seem to be adding more ‘mental associations’ (conditioning) maybe 🙂

    • i love.. the akbar and birbal story.. what an awesome way to explain that silly belief! Thanks for putting up the story!

  3. please let me know about tamarind omens.
    they say its a madi(kannada).

    the pooja day usually brahmins do washing of all the plates with tamarind.

    why is it so any scientific reason.

  4. Hi,

    Should and should not do column, you have mentioned about cutting the nails and its effects. does it mean if you cut your nail on Friday you will ward off fear and if you cut the nails on saturday, you are likely to cut on your happiness. Please explain so that i will adhere to the correct principle.

  5. Hi,
    When is the good day to cut nails?

    • u can cut your nails anytime….but dont dump at home after cutting…throw it outside….astrologically to keep urslf disciplined is considered as one of the remedy of saturn….so u can cut hairs anytime as well…coz there r many superstitions, particularly as to which day for cutting hairs also.

  6. If ‘Rahukala’ is not good for an important activity, what about people traveling by train or a plane? They don’t have a choice, right? No correlation has been found between the time of departure of a train or plane and an accident, or the purpose of travel, for example. I’m not questioning the author but just sharing my thoughts about this belief even today in Indian society.

    Basavanna, right in 12th century, tried to eradicate superstition. Here’s one of his Vachana on what is an auspicious date and time:

    Say that auspicious is the day for marriage when your people assemble,
    Say that zodiac signs have already approved the bond between the couple,
    Say that the moon and the stars have already aligned for your benefit,
    Say that today is better than tomorrow,
    The fruit of devotion to your God is already yours!
    – Jagajyoti Basavanna

    ಎಮ್ಮವರು ಬೆಸಗೊಂಡಡೆ ಶುಭಲಗ್ನವೆನ್ನಿರಯ್ಯಾ
    ರಾಶಿಕೂಟ ಋಣಸಂಬಂಧವುಂಟೆಂದು ಹೇಳಿರಯ್ಯಾ
    ಚಂದ್ರಬಲ ತಾರಾಬಲವುಂಟೆಂದು ಹೇಳಿರಯ್ಯಾ
    ನಾಳಿನ ದಿನಕಿಂದಿನ ದಿನ ಲೇಸೆಂದು ಹೇಳಿರಯ್ಯಾ
    ಕೂಡಲಸಂಗಮದೇವನ ಪೂಜಿಸಿದ ಫಲ ನಿಮ್ಮದಯ್ಯಾ!
    – ಜಗಜ್ಯೋತಿ ಬಸವಣ್ಣ

  7. “If crossed by a (…) widow with shaved head, a bad omen.”

    Clear gender discrimination!! Hope this is extended to ‘widower’ (i.e., a male) too in addition to ‘widow’ 🙂

  8. on which days of a week a girl can take headbath. do it effect the famil if a girl takes headbath on friday?

  9. Superstitions have more scientific meanings which is lost in today’s days & age…like cutting nails in the evenings were not allowed as they did not have enough light available. Given the superstitions, a Brahmin must never cross seven seas, cut his hair or a woman must not undertake ANY work during her menstrual cycle! We must understand the significance and change as per times. Let’s not have blind faith in illogical thoughts. If there is a meaning & relevance, let’s imbibe it! Else let it pass by and adopt happier and healthier lifestyle.

    • So true..I just put it here for interesting reading..Hopefully nobody will follow these! 🙂

    • Brahmins are said to not cross seas because, if they start earning money in deifferent field, then there wont be anyone talented enough to perform rituals to god and in other occasions perfectly. Everything has a reason, they are valid in any generation any time. All personal experiences

  10. If black cat croosing your path you consider in upcoming day for you bad
    should be avided this

  11. Good collection…I need some clarification…I found one ganesh ideol in the beach.Is it Good/Bad.What does it mean?.Can I put it in pooja room and worship….

  12. Should not return back on the 9th day after going to other
    place . Interested to have some justification from friends


  13. Last laxmi puja, it started raining very heavily as soon as we began the puja, It was pouring cats and dogs. This rain was quite unexpected. Was this a good omen or bad omen?

  14. If a flower from gods idol falls from left side of the idol is it good or bad sign?

  15. Bogus and time pass. Work is worship. These beleafs and god will not feed anyone on bed. Just pray every morning for 15 minutes and go for work, dont consider wheather cat crossing your road or brahmin widow. We all are sinners so this life of very delicate body which cannot tolerate even small pinch. Life is one punishment for our wrong doings in earlier life. So do good, Think good, be positive, work hard, work for the betterment, if cant do good dont do bad because every action has reaction. You are geting what you have sowed in past so now atleast do good. No one can be against you if god is with you not even cat or widow. And god will be with you when you are godly.

  16. People in the olden times used to throw the tamarind waste/shells in front of their houses … Why is it so ???

  17. Soon autumn, hurry to say goodbye to summer!).

  18. hi i offered ganapathi pooja and while offering the coconut, after breaking the coconut i realised it is a spoilt one.. i am really worried and paniced.. please let me know what this indicates…

    • In Karnataka we think that if a coconut is spoilt, it actually reaches God. I guess we do that to convince ourselves to not feel bad that the coconut was bad 🙂

  19. If crow potties on head is this bad or good omen

  20. never break glass items @ home

  21. Golden owl has entered in the new rented home. Is is good ir bad sign

  22. hey dint get any other link to get in touch vth u……not here to comment on the bliefs…but WANTED DONNAMENSINKAI PALLYA RECIPE(STUFFED)…IF U FIND IT PLS UPLOAD ASAP…its small and very hot capsicums from hubli…thanks in advance…

  23. what when you find mongoose at your home?

  24. I like the valuable information you provide on your articles.
    I will bookmark your weblog and check once more here regularly.
    I am reasonably sure I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the following!

  25. what does myna bird idicates, i have observed it to be true not once but many times that seeing a single myna will always hear a bad news but if one see 2 myna good news…….i really want which gods vehicle is myna in hindu myth..raj

    • I think it is the energy that you focus on expecting a “good” or “bad” occurrence that really causes the news to be good or bad. 🙂

  26. If we cut break a coconut and if it falls upside down(all the pieces,not even one is straight) then are the signs bad?…The coconut is not spoiled

  27. please tell me about loosing old clothes,on tuesday

  28. Is it bad if a women oils her hair after sunset…why do some elderly people say that it brings in bad………..

  29. ganapati murti laane ke time tut gaya to kya karana chahiye? chintit hai hum sub gharwale.

  30. while arranging for puja if lamp is fallen down without knowledge is it bad omen

  31. according to if chipkali does potty on your head what signs

  32. Superb, Even I have a habit of collecting and finding information/cause/reasons behind it.

  33. if an Eagle hits your Head with its claws is it a good or bad omen ?

  34. what is the indication of entry of baby chamelion

  35. Thanx for unknown info…

  36. today while i was playing cricket, one eagle gave hit my forehead and ran away. please tell me what does it indicate and remedy for it.

  37. What does flower falling from the left side of Goddess’s idol denote ? Serious answer please?

  38. Interesting to see the title “Superstitions and blind beliefs.” Science is infinite and what we see physically ceases to exist at quantum level where the concept of time, space and speed is completely different. The concept of what we call “Oman” is probably understanding something at a quantum level where wave function and energy play an important role. There was a saying that if a dog or a wolf howls in front of the house, then there is probably a death going to happen. Interestingly, researchers in 2006 collected data and info from various sources have proved that a dog can sense death 24 hours in advance before it is going to happen in a particular field of influence. This again proves that they can sense something that probably the Indian Vedic system talks about because the Indian “Vedas” is nothing but accumulation of “knowledge” since time immemorial. As a westerner of German origin, I think the Indian Vedas is a powerhouse of knowledge which needs serious research and understanding to unveil many facts about quantum world and the concept of universal consciousness. It is better not to come to a conclusion without going deeper into the stated rules. Best wishes.

  39. we always keep coconut inour pooja on a pot today i find its spoil (break)it self pls let me know the cociquence of dis


  40. I was holding my helmet in my right hand.and thought some thing touched my helmet but i didnt feel it feeling on my head.actually i am confussed whether it fell on me or not. Then i washed my hands and changed clothes. What should be done

  41. I was holding my helmet in my right hand.and thought some thing touched my helmet but i didnt feel it feeling on my head.actually i am confussed whether it fell on me or not. Then i washed my hands and changed clothes. What should be done?

  42. Never f… Anyone alone f…. Two at a time …… Hahahaha

  43. while lighting lamp at pooja my dhothi caught fire .

  44. Yesterday evening I bought readymade Puja Mandir but while carrying it to my home d person by mistake put it down n scratched n door got damaged tel me can I repair n use it

  45. quite amazing!!!

    • Usharani – were you in BMEMHS? We had an Usharani in my class and I am wondering if this is you 🙂

  46. what happens if milk falls while boiling

  47. When a dream I seen purchasing a green grapes what happen.

  48. Can wife apply oil to husband hair and if yes how to apply? Should I face him while applying or can I sit at his back and apply? Can I apply after I apply to him?

    • As long as your husband lets you apply, you should :). And doesn’t matter what direction you face! It’s nice that you are applying and ofcourse you should apply for yourself too!! 🙂

  49. is it good or bad if coconut spoiled while offering to godess durgadevi in navaratri period

    • It really doesn’t matter although I think we convince ourselves that it is good because the Goddess got the offering directly instead of us eating it :). This is a way to not feel bad that the coconut we purchased and offered is not wasted 🙂

  50. is going to hospital on saturday is good or bad

    • Vineela – we should go to the hospital when we need it. I don’t think the day matters as long as you go there thinking I will feel better! 🙂

  51. I saw a cat on diwali day is it good or bad

    • hmm..I wonder what the cat is thinking? 🙂 Jokes aside, I think it is fine- all these are really beliefs and you can think either way. If you think positive, things will be positive for you. So I suggest we say – it is good! 🙂

  52. Curd is splling on the mat at night.
    Do it shows a symptom?

  53. While arranging Pooja by mistake lighted lamp fell down . is it a bad omen? What I should I do?

    • Rohini – these Omens are posted more for continuity. Doesn’t mean we should run our lives believing in them :). It’s totally fine – just put the lamp back up and continue :). If you think in the direction that something bad might happen, the energy flows in that direction. If you think it will be okay and not a big deal, energy flows in that direction :). Your mind stronger and can make things happen!

  54. very intresting one suggestion i need me n my wife had some dispute n she went at her place n before going she said that i dnt want to stay with you. what can i do to get her back without calling her she should call me on her own its not my ego problem but fear to call her coz mi8 b she reply me in wrng way so please suggest.

    • I think you should simply call her and apologize. It is very easy to break relationships because of ego. Love her, respect her and take care of her. I don’t think any Omens will help although I do suggest positive visualization of you both living happily together until you get old. That will get the energy flowing in that direction. Goodluck!

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